Information Technology (IT)

The IT work carried out by Ambos NBGO can be divided into the work we do for core and non-core IT companies.

Core IT companies

For core IT companies, i.e. companies that have business models centred around IT, David Dessers and his team have acted on many structuring, capital raising and M&A activities for Belgian and foreign technology companies over the last couple of years and have acted for several venture funds exclusively focused on ICT investments. The IT team then advises those companies on the corporate and commercial aspects of their IT businesses.

We are involved in company organisation, commercial agreements (including general terms of use, and purchase terms, partnership agreements, sponsorship, hosting and referencing agreements), outsourcing, Internet issues, computer law (hardware and software) e-commerce and disputes when they arise. We are also asked to provide advice and prepare legal opinions on the feasibility and structuring of innovative projects and issues related to eReputation and Cybercrime.

Non-core IT companies

Ambos NBGO also advises non-core IT companies on a variety of issues related to IT including data protection, outsourcing and near-sourcing, e-commerce and disputes. In these cases IT-related issues are tangential to their core businesses but can still be of critical importance to their success (for example in major outsourcing agreements and suchlike).      

Partners of the firm have also been involved in important cases concerning the application of EU competition law to IT including interoperability, standardisation, search engines and cloud computing, etc.

IT Track Records

  • We act as key counsel for a number of private equity funds focused on ICT investments. The funds have made several promising investments in online-gaming, data centre technology and online B2C businesses including Racktivity, Amplidata, Travel Intelligence, CyberSports, Shutl, MarkaVIP, Cicek Espeti and Peak Games. We generally act as counsel for the investment and then as legal advisor post-investment to the target company with respect to their ongoing strategic and legal decisions.

  • Our partners have been at the forefront of shaping the boundaries between intellectual property and competition law, which is the most important challenge for the future of intellectual property rights and innovation in Europe.