Joint Ventures, Strategic Alliances

Strategic alliances, joint ventures and other complex commercial arrangements may offer many commercial benefits however they also require careful planning. Common areas for consideration in any joint venture include the ability to control and the flexibility to operate the company, the securities to be issued, financing, prohibitions on the transfer of participations, the ability to terminate and related exit strategy.

Our extensive experience in advising on implementing, operating and dissolving both domestic and international joint ventures enables us to help our clients to create structures that foster the long-term success of these complex and evolving relationships.

Joint Ventures, Strategic Alliances Track Records

  • We set up a joint venture between two of the largest restaurant groups active in Belgium.  We continue providing advice and act as secretary to the board;
  • We set up a joint venture between a telecom operator and media company to develop management platform for mobile purposes;
  • We advised on and succesfully implemented a joint venture in Turkey between a Belgian producer of concrete products an a Turkish contractor for the production in Turkey of concrete sleepers;
  • We advised on and succesfully implemented joint ventures in Kazakstan and India for a Belgian manufacturer of residential, commercial and industrial building systems in view of the realization of large-scale building projects.