Ambos will be present at the 2018 Job Fairs !

This year, Ambos will again be present with a team of lawyers to meet fresh out of school lawyers for a job interview at the Job Days of our main universities.


Come and meet us on:


November 8th at UGent

November 28th at UC Louvain

December 5th at KU Leuven


Ambos assists the shareholders of MIOS in the sale of their shares to Camin Cargo Control

Ambos assisted the shareholders of Marine Inspection Operating Services (MIOS) BVBA in the successful sale of their shares in the company to Camin Cargo Control Inc., an American company specialized in marine inspection services.

Marine Inspection Operating Services BVBA is a leading company in the conduct of tests, inspections, laboratory tests and the treatment of blends and additives for the marine sector in Antwerp, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Newsflash - UBO Register - Deadline 30 November 2018

1.  UBO register: legal framework 

The law of 18 September 2017 on the prevention of the use of the financial system for the purposes of money laundering or terrorist financing and limitations to the use of cash (hereafter the “Law”) provides for the creation in Belgium of a centralised register of beneficial owners (the English acronym “UBO” stands for “Ultimate Beneficial Owner”) (hereafter the “UBO register”).

Ambos assists Sufina in the acquisition of a majority stake in De Groote Gaston and De Groote Deinze

Ambos assisted Sufina, a private equity holding, in the acquisition of a majority stake in De Groote Gaston and De Groote Deinze.


De Groote Gaston and De Groote Deinze are Flanders' leading road marking companies with a remarkable client portfolio and annual turn-over. Through the participation of several De Groote family members, the two companies are brought together again after a half century of separation.


Ambos NBGO assists investment fund KeBeK II and Walter Mastelinck with the acquisition of Creaplan NV

Ambos NBGO assisted the independent Belgian private equity fund KeBeK II with its acquisition of Creaplan NV, Belgian market leader in fairs, displays and interiors.

Entrepreneur Walter Mastelinck, known from Transics, is the new CEO of Creaplan.

Founders Ann Vancoillie and Dirk Deleu remain closely involved in Creaplan as co-investors.


Nowadays, the Flemish environmental law makes a distinction between measures concerning spatial planning and urban building regulations. Only measures concerning spatial planning require an environmental impact assessment to be carried out. However, the articles 2 and 3 of the Strategic Environmental Assessment directive (from now on: SEA Directive) refer to ‘plans and programmes’ without making such a distinction. All ‘plans and programmes’ are subject to an environmental impact assessment.

AMBOS assists Willy Tans NV and Wouter De Neve in the purchase of the property management company Jesco NV, owner of 11 commercial properties all over Belgium.

Willy Tans NV is a wealthy family business which is today managed by Willy Tans and his sons, Frank and Bart. Recently, they started diversifying their real estate portfolio from Flemish retail properties to residential and office properties.


Wouter De Neve is the owner of Immo Structura, being a reputed real estate agent with offices around Brussels and currently extending to entire Flanders.


Jesco NV is a property management company owning around ten buildings.


Ambos NBGO assists Sufina and CEO Xavier Costenoble in the management buyout of Winsol

Ambos assisted Sufina, a venture capital & private equity fund, on the one hand, and Xavier Costenoble, CEO of the Winsol Group, on the other hand, in the management buyout of the Winsol Group from Bencis Buy Out Fund II A and B, investment funds. The deal was partially financed by PMV. Ambos also assisted the buyers in the negotiations regarding the mezzanine financing.

Ambos NBGO assists Senior Assist NV with the sale of 6 nursing and care homes and 2 assisted-living facilities

Ambos NBGO assisted Senior Assist NV in the successful sale of 6 nursing and care homes and 2 assisted-living facilities to Senior Living Group NV, the Belgian branch of the French listed company Korian.

Senior Assist NV is a Belgian group specializing in care for the elderly. It has an extensive network of nursing and care homes and assisted living facilities.


The current shareholders of Forum Jobs, including among others Koramic Holding, led by Christian Dumolin and Kristof Sanders, CEO of Forum Jobs, are joined by the Ghent-based investment fund Straco, which as a result of the investment holds a controlling stake.