Our clients tell us that we empower them to achieve more, wherever they do business. How do we make this happen?

We handle a wide range of cross-border transactions, litigation, arbitration and corporate matters on a daily basis. Our lawyers are praised for taking an international approach to their work and helping their clients reach successful outcomes in their cross-border matters.

In today’s world we all know that truly local transactions or disputes are increasingly rare. This means that many of the deals we do and disputes we resolve involve companies from different countries. This can mean representing Belgian or European companies doing business abroad or foreign companies doing business in Belgium or elsewhere in Europe.

Our lawyers have spent decades helping companies of different nationalities successfully do business across borders, which has given us an in-depth understanding of the differences in culture, ways of doing business and legal approach that people from different countries bring to the table. We help our clients navigate and capitalize on these differences to make deals happen.

We have particular experience advising companies doing business within Europe and between continental Europe and the United States, Asia and the United Kingdom. Our lawyers have held partnerships at the most important Anglo-American and Belgian firms, and have practiced in the United States, United Kingdom, and other European countries.

On their way, our lawyers have handled matters ranging from the largest international transactions ever undertaken by Belgian businesses to major international licensing and out-sourcing transactions for household name tech companies to patent battles for US and Asian tech giants to major international litigations and arbitrations for companies and for countries.

We bring all this experience to bear in ensuring you receive the best advice possible in your international business.