Real Estate

Ambos NBGO’s Real Estate practice consists of 6 lawyers and advises local and international project developers, real estate investors, contractors, credit institutions and professional consultants (architects, project managers, real estate agents and engineers) on key aspects of real estate transactions: structuring, negotiation, and closing. We have a successful track record of advising a wide variety of domestic and international clients on all aspects of real estate investment, development financing and construction. We also have extensive experience in providing advice on the launch and operation of real estate funds.

Real Estate Services

Our experience and expertise in property-related transactions and issues enable us to offer our clients a comprehensive service.

Our work include contract drafting, legal assistance during contract negotiations, advice on legalities and legislative requirements, contract interpretation, due diligence in the fields of:

  • real estate transactions

  • building and construction

  • project development

  • rights in rem (long-term lease, usufruct, etc.) and securities

  • the sale and acquisition of real estate

  • lease agreements.

Real Estate Track Records

  • We advised and assisted an investment group with the purchase of a retail real estate portfolio. This represented the largest real estate transaction in Belgium in 2010.

  • We assisted in the purchase of a number of homes for the elderly.

  • We assisted in the purchase of several real estate companies: a car park reconstruction project and the development of a shopping centre and the potential renovation of an existing supermarket.

  • We assisted a large hotel group with financing for their acquisition of different hotels in Belgium.

  • We assisted one of the largest players in Belgium, active in the sector of homes for the elderly, in the sale and lease back operations of a large number of homes for the elderly (this involved a combination of asset deals, share deals, contributions in kind and partial demergers in the share capital of one of the largest Belgian companies that invest in properties intended for lease after the operations are sold.

  • We are responsible for all real estate activities in the Benelux, which comprises a portfolio of more than 200 restaurants and 15 hotels. Work includes environmental matters, leasehold agreements and sale lease back agreements for one of the largest catering groups in the world listed on the Milano Stock Exchange.

  • We manage all real estate activities in Belgium including a project with a roof surface area of about 110,000 square metres and advise on public procurement for a manufacturer and investor in photovoltaic installations (solar panels).

  • We handle all legal and environmental law aspects of contracts with private and public operators involving the collection, transport and recycling/processing of waste electrical and electronic equipment in Belgium. We are responsible for negotiating and drafting environmental policy agreements with regional public authorities and for drafting a EU Code of Practice on collecting and processing WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment).

  • We assisted in the drafting of real estate contracts for the construction and operation of windmill sites.

  • We assisted a Brussels-based real estate developer (apartments, housing, offices) with environmental and administrative matters.

  • We assisted an Antwerp-based real estate developer with the acquisition of a large plot of industrial land and a real estate company.

  • We advised a lessee of industrial buildings on the possible consequences of the insolvency of its lessor.