Transport & Logistics

Originally created as a Transport Law practice, Ambos NBGO retains its specific focus on the transport and logistics sector.

Its maritime and transport department is recognised as one of Belgium’s top practices.

Yet we have gone beyond traditional maritime law to provide an even better service to the transport and logistics sector. Indeed, given Ambos NBGO’s status as a full-service law firm, its various departments can assist transport and logistics companies with various issues, be it company law, labour law, social security, administrative or environmental law, while at the same time understanding the full impact of the sector’s particular characteristics.

Ambos NBGO’s clients in this sector cover full range of transport and logistics-related operations:

  • ship owners

  • P&I Clubs

  • traders, importers, exporters

  • insurers

  • forwarding agents

  • shipping agents

  • financing institutions

  • postal services

  • goods handling and stevedoring companies

  • storage facilities

  • port-based production sites

  • port authorities